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White Water Marine has you covered for those hard-to-find items for your sail or powerboat. From compass or mast guards, to radar arches, we can provide you with the part you require. Attention powerboat owners: Need a new bow rail? White Water can fabricate one for you. We have built & shipped powerboat rails in tube diameters from 7/8" to 1-1/4" and as long as 36 feet. Give us a call, or e-mail us and we'll discuss your needs and send you a measuring guide. The below work samples only partially represent everything we do.

Advanced Waterjet Technology

It's a big part of what sets White Water apart. We cut all our parts using CNC waterjet. It allows us to go staight from a CAD drawing to a finished piece ready for assembly. The process can cut through stainless up to 1” thick. It's how we're able to quickly make replacement chain plates, anchor rollers, mast collars and anything else you can imagine. Fittings that used to take hours to saw, drill and sand to shape, now take only minutes on the waterjet. The high-pressure cutting stream produces no frictional heat, meaning that  materials never warp. It also leaves little or no burr for a beautiful buttery-smooth finish.

bow rollers




 Anchor Rollers

We can fabricate virtually any roller desired, based on your sample, drawing or dimensioned sketch. Waterjet technology makes the job accurate and efficient.

custom base plates and sockets




Custom Bases And Sockets

Using waterjet, we can quickly fabricate any type of base and socket to your dimensions.

stem fittings




Stem Fittings

We make stem fittings for a variety of production boats and one-off builds. Contact us with your specs if you need a replacement.






We handle production runs of handrails for both sail and powerboats. If you have old wooden railings to replace, and you wanr them to fit without filling any old holes and drilling any new ones, please inquire today.

radar arches




Radar Arches

We offer on-the boat-measurung in SE Michigan. Outside the region we will fabricate based on detailed blueprint drawings. Arches can also be equipped with solar panel mounts, davits and antenna mounts, all of which can be wired internally.





Mast Pulpits/Dorades

With your measurements, we can fabricate mast pulpits in either 1" or 1-1/4" tube and custom dorades in 1" tube. Call or e-mail for measuring guide.






Whether it's a one-off custom job or production run, we can make sturdy and beautiful seat frames out of 1 or 1 1/4" tube.

mast collars




Mast Collars

Custom-made from your drawings or to OEM specs we have on file.






There's a small but significant inland segment of our business. White Water also does custom stainless architectural fabrication for high-end commercial and residential construction. We work closely with the builder and often with the owner. Count on us for turn-key design/build service, no matter how challenging the specs.

ramp handrails




Ramp Railings

This is an example of the work we do for marinas and yacht clubs. Harborside structures have to be able to absorb a beating from the elements. Rain, humidity, sun and wind eat materials for an appetizer. Now add salt. And so facility managers turn to White Water for architectural railings that resist structural failure and ensure a reliable safety factor. While at the same time looking gorgeous.


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